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About Cristina & Timber Studios

Teaching Style

Whether teaching children or adults, Cristina believes in a balanced approach to teaching music. Music should be a joy, not a hardship. Otherwise, what is the point? Pressure and expectations are always kept in alignment with the students goals; if you are learning music for fun or personal satisfaction, then lessons will be fun and engaging and the pace will suit the individual. However, Cristina is fully qualified to teach those who have more ambitious goals!


Cristina has taught privately from home for as long as she can remember. Whether the student started learning to play music with Cristina or came from another teacher, she has a history of successful, long-term teacher-student relationships. During and following University Cristina also worked at a music school in Brampton, Ontario, nurturing a substantial number of students up through the grade levels.

Education and Background

Cristina studied piano and flute throughout junior high, high school, and went on to graduate from York University where she majored in Music. Cristina also completed her Grade 9 RCM level in piano and Grade 10 RCM in flute.

Naturally, Cristina was also a member of the concert and jazz bands throughout highschool, and during University played in a number of classical and jazz ensembles. She has also performed occassionally


Cristina was raised and educated in Mississauga, Ontario. Married since 1999, she is a Mom to three wonderful children. She and her husband built a home and moved the family to the Georgetown area in 2008. Having taken a break to be a full-time Mom, she is very happy to have resumed teaching music to students of all ages and skill levels.